Services Offered

  • MCNP for medical Imaging

    3D radiation transport analysis to support medical visualization.

  • MCNP Shielding Analysis

    General 3D radiation transport analysis.

  • CFD analysis

    Heat transfer, Laminar and turbulent flow simulations on demand.

  • HPC design and build

    Custom designed HPC, data handling & storage architectures to suit.

Core Skill sets

At IERA, our strengths concentrate in the disciplines of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering. All of us have ample experience in the engineering development and support of national scale experimental devices. Leveraging on our experience, we identify appropriate solutions to your engineering needs. Our span of skills allows us to provide our customers with timely and focused analysis and design. Our ties to vendors and boutique manufacturers in Southern California allows us to affect an agile implementation of those designs. We are particularly suited to support those who are interested in supporting analyses and then bringing their ideas into reality all the way through prototype build.