Services Offered

  • MCNP for medical Imaging

    3D radiation transport analysis to support medical visualization.

  • MCNP Shielding Analysis

    General 3D radiation transport analysis.

  • CFD analysis

    Heat transfer, Laminar and turbulent flow simulations on demand.

  • HPC design and build

    Custom designed HPC, data handling & storage architectures to suit.

Who are we?

As the company name implies: we are a group of engineering and science professionals who have developed professional and personal connections over decades of joint experience, engaged in research and development activities focused on radiation transport and material science. Fortuitously, our skill sets allow us to be participate effectively in a wide array of analysis, engineering design, management and prototype build up activities.

By working together we bring varied perspectives to breakdown any engineering problem, which then allows us to arrive at innovative and cost effective solutions. What brings us together is the drive to make "interesting stuff". Perhaps we can help you turn your ideas into reality?